A healthy night’s sleep is a fundamental human need. Sleep is important for our physical and emotional health, so we can have the energy we need for ourselves and for those we care about.

Sleep problems can manifest in different ways. Some people have trouble sleeping, while others feel tired, no matter how long they spend in bed.

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A comprehensive assessment of sleep complaints, general health, psychological and social factors. To organise a consultation, click here.


Overnight assessment of sleep quality, breathing, oxygen levels and muscle activity, performed in hospital or at home.


Assessment of sleep-related symptoms, with use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia and to aid in acclimatisation to CPAP treatment.


Training in CPAP familiarisation, with mask fitting and troubleshooting techniques.


Clinical Research

Assessment of emerging therapies for sleep disorders.


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The Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre is dedicated to giving you every chance to achieve healthy sleep


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